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A post by Sarah. 

So, although we didn’t end up purchasing the home in the last post, we did buy a different property nearby and are thoroughly enthused about the process.

Tomorrow is D-Day, as in daaaaaang-if-its-not-packed-its-not-making-it-in-the-UHAUL. As with any moving process, we’ve started setting up services at the new location: water, electric, internet, and the always needed trash/recycling.

Unlike our current home, we had options. The City doesn’t appear to offer garbage service on its own, so we were left with several private companies. We began researching them. Cost was an obvious factor as was the availability of recycling (about 90% of our “trash” is actually recycling or compost). But charitable giving patterns caught my eye.

I noticed one of the companies, Tri-County Disposal, prominently displayed its support of rodeo on its website. That’s an instant turn-off for those living out a cruelty-free lifestyle. I shot a quick email off to let them know why I wasn’t going with their company and a link to Shark Rodeo’s website providing info and testimonials of widespread abuse in the industry. I was surprised to find the following morning (a Saturday, no less) a response from the owner of the company, Anthony Rawlings. I had expected to be completely ignored. Instead, I received what I and several non-vegan friends all read into as extremely poor customer service. First and foremost, this is a poor customer service post, but for more about the abuses in the rodeo industry, see Shark Rodeo’s article from a vet/former rodeo enthusiast/former meat inspector here. Or check out the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s analysis here.

He began by saying it was unfortunate that we overlooked the company’s support for a number of important organizations that focus on children. Yes, the company does support a number of wonderful organizations in the local area that support children. That is needed desperately in the area, and my students and I have regularly run food drives to support various organizations. This coming month, we are running a food drive for the East Texas Food Bank with the hope to support their East Texas Backpacks Program. (More than 500 cans donated last semester!) Paragraph one of his response had obvious issues. For one, support for children doesn’t justify abuse of animals. But for the most part it was a forward response and should have constituted the entirety of his message. Maybe with a “Sorry we won’t be gaining you as a customer, but we appreciate your input” or something like that tacked onto the end. Acknowledge and move on, right? Wrong.

Instead, he fired shots back. He sent a link to a California company along with the message that other trash companies support rodeo too. Does that make it right? Jumping on the bandwagon doesn’t make your action right. The leads to dangerous moral justifications. When I can sidestep a discussion about the moral obligations of my actions by simply deferring responsibility to someone else,

I was then informed that I would have to burn my trash in order to “fully be safe from bending [my] standards of ethical consumerism”. A little catty? Perhaps. There actually are other companies that service my county that do not fund rodeo as part of their “charity” projects. I was told “Good luck and thanks for sharing your feelings.”

That would have been the ideal second ending to the email. But it went on…

I was then told that I should consider refocusing my passion for saving animals to saving “hurting children” in East Texas. I got a lecture! woohoo! from someone who does not know what our priorities in life are. The fact that we’re currently pursuing foster parent certification? Or the fact that we donate a lot to the backpack program? Or that I regularly make foster parenting/child welfare awareness runs on Facebook and in the classes I teach?

But let’s look at this a different way. If saving “hurting children” in East Texas is the top priority, why is Tri-County Disposal wasting money on rodeos when there are “hurting children” out there who are a much higher priority? I don’t buy the mutual exclusive rhetoric, but even within their own paradigm, the criticism is laughable. If children are that much of a priority, then why are you funding “entertainment” instead of social justice issues? Entertainment or feeding children? Funding the clotheslining of baby animals or putting food into the backpacks of food insecure children? Funding the cheering of crowds as animals are shocked with electrical prods or buying school supplies? I’m not saying the company needs to embrace the cruelty-free lifestyle to the extent I have, but if children are as much of a priority as the owner states, why are they funding sadistic entertainment anyway?

Maybe I’m a little high and mighty, but I believe in consumer feedback and abiding by my ethical principles. The response in return needed a major revision and lesson in customer service 101. Trying to insult and lecture your potential clients isn’t advisable.

People in East Texas may not agree with my assessment of rodeo, and that’s okay. I’m hear to raise awareness. My mother was on the rodeo team at Lewisville High School back in the day and is now a staunch anti-rodeo voice in a state where that’s an unpopular position. Taking unpopular opinions is sometimes needed in order to reorient a community’s moral compass. The company has the right to disagree, but to question my commitment to children in the area is a complete diversion from the topic at hand and is poor form. Needless to say, I won’t be encouraging people to use their services. If support for rodeo wasn’t enough, then the poor customer service response from the top of the company is enough to seal the deal.

NTCC Eagle

I’ll continue to promote animal welfare in any way I can. I was recently featured in my workplace’s newspaper for my work with dogs and cats. Livestock rescue hasn’t really be on our radars as we haven’t had the land to do so. With this new move, we hope to be able to perhaps expand to the occasional cow or pig.

I never would have thought moving would involve having to seek out an ethical trash company, but apparently it does. I’d like to open a dialogue about supporting companies with questionable charitable practices. There are plenty more that engage in questionable charitable practices (like building wells in third world countries without long term follow through for when they break or need maintenance). But we need to continue to confront these practices one at a time and determine whether the company’s action mean finding an alternative company or simply doing without. In this case, I’m lucky to not have to do without trash service (or burning, as the owner suggested).

Seeing as how MLK Day has just passed, I will end with a quote by the great orator himself:

“One day the absurdity of the almost universal human belief in the slavery of other animals will be palpable. We shall then have discovered our souls and become worthier of sharing this planet with them.”

Farmer's Market

Bowl of Farmer’s Market Peppers

After a really tight financial summer, we’re finally making money again! To celebrate yesterday’s paycheck (which is almost double what we were making on a single income), we decided to go on a shopping spree of the grocery variety. We’ve been living off our pantry–a lot of beans and lentil soup. Time for something fresh!

At the Farmer’s Market, we picked up a bag of green beans, a box of mixed peppers (red, yellow, and green!), zucchini, Pace Farm pepper cilantro jelly (really good!), Greer Farms honey, and Greer Farms Strawberry Peach Jam (their Jack Daniels Vanilla Peach jelly is to die for–we already have a jar in the fridge), and a bag of fresh basil (which Sarah is addicted to). Pretty much all the farms are pretty local (as far as Texas is concerned), but we were excited to find that Pace Farms is in Hallsville, just one town over from us. Their jellies might make their way into our Christmas baskets this year.

Jack's Natural Food splurges

Jack’s Natural Food splurges

After finishing up with the farmers, we headed off to Jack’s Natural Foods (also in Longview) where we picked up a few other necessities. Sarah is participating in an Elfster gift exchange in her mom’s group, so she needed supplies for that too. This exchange has to be handmade, so she’s planning on a pumpkin-scented chamomile coconut oil lotion to send along. We both love Jack’s and we just happened to have a 10% coupon on hand to use as well. We picked up chocolate Plant Fusion protein powder, Mung beans (12g protein/serving), Irish oatmeal (let’s be honest, we just wanted the awesome tin can it came in), aloe vera juice (for the lotion Sarah’s making), Tofurky sandwich slices, Tempeh (which they gave to us free), cream cheese alternative (which we won’t buy again–this one slipped by Todd’s trans fat radar), canned Redi-burger (which Sarah fears is a vegetarian Spam), and chamomile tea bags (for the lotion gift).

We tend to cook to much food at once. Which is where we found ourselves this morning with too many cooked pinto and black beans in the slow cooker. No way we’re going to eat that much bean soup.

So we came up with an alternative we had never tried to make: veggie burgers.


We didn’t keep exact measurements, but we basically used the processor to blend pinto, black beans (cooked in cajun seasoning), mushrooms, and leftover curry mashed potatoes together. Added flax meal and flour, alternating tablespoons until we could form patties. Fried in olive oil and added our own toppings.

We both think it’ll be a repeat recipe in the house.

Warning: you may need two dogs to lick the bean mess off your hands. Good thing ours are vegan and readily ate it up, though we’re pretty sure any dog would find it enjoyable.

a post by Sarah

Afternoon tea turned into an afternoon snack and relaxation. Started with a flowering peach tea, then as the tummy grumbled, I added miso soup and a lentil/faux beef stew. It’s been a tiring day so it’s nice to just sit and enjoy a cup of tea.

Nika woke us up at 5am, having slept through the whole night. She was inconsolable. She’s had daycare kennel cough since Week 7 and its never really gone away. We are forgoing our plans to see the matinee of Star Trek to take her to the pediatrician. We think she has her first ear infection. She’s been cranky all day but is currently napping away in her crib with an elevated headrest (we read somewhere that eases the pain). Todd, too, is napping.

I guess it’s time to start looking up natural remedies for ear infections.


When we were dating, we loved to head over to the KFC down the street from our high school and pick up the 99 cent snackers. Cheap eats for high school kids.

Fast forward seven years and our eating preferences have changed. Namely, no meat. Every now and then we’ve nostalgically missed our KFC snackers.

Faux KFC Snacker

So we finally decided to make a vegan version. We’re vegetarian, but we double checked all ingredients and we’re pretty darn sure all the ingredients are vegan too.

A quick stop at Kroger was all we needed.

  • Nayonaise (our first time trying it)
  • Simple Truth Meatless Crispy Patties, 15g protein per patty (made with soy, kamut, amaranth, millet, and quinoa)
  • Non-dairy, non-egg dinner rolls
  • Kale (from our garden)
  • Salt and pepper

Final result wasn’t bad at all.

Faux KFC Snacker 2

Vegan Potato Curry

Didn’t follow an exact recipe on this one, but it turned out delicious! Needed to use up potatoes in the pantry

Boil peeled potatoes.

In another pot, add organic soy milk, diced mushrooms, canned sweet peas, diced garlic, a small yellow onion, 2 tbs curry, 2 tbs cumin, and 1 tsp of salt. Added a little soy flour to help thicken it.

Ended up being very tasty for the humans (and very spicy). And the potato peels will be cooked and added to the dogs’ dinner, so there is no waste! (aside from a few onion skins)

Pumpkin Bread

The first bread in awhile that we haven’t messed up! We had an extra can of pumpkin lying around the pantry that was begging to be used. We originally bought it for the dogs (its good for them!) but Copper decided he didn’t like that brand of canned pumpkin. Go figure. Snubbed it completely when he’s gobbled down other brands before.

2 c wheat flour
2 tsp cinnamon (we used Penzeys)
1 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 1/2 c organic sugar
3/4 c vegetable oil
3 eggs (you can substitute with applesauce to make this vegan)
1 tsp vanilla extract (we added a LITTLE more than that)
1 15 oz can of pumpkin
Whatever topping you have on hand…powdered sugar, toasted pumpkin seeds, etc.

While the oven was preheating to 325 degrees, we mixed all the dry ingredients together with my Kitchenaid mixer. We then made a hole in the middle of the dry pile and added all our wet ingredients.

We poured into a buttered round pan (9 inch diameter, 1 inch height, I think), sprinkled some powdered sugar on top, and baked for 90 minutes. The bread rose above the pan which was to be expected since it was a short pan to start with!

Passed inspection with both Todd and Sarah. We doubt we’ll have any more available after tomorrow night. Don’t remind us of the sugar!

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