Every day, we try to do one more thing to prepare for Nika’s arrival in February. Now that our tournament schedule has died down for the semester, we are focusing on kicking her room into gear. That includes all her gear too. Its a bit of a baby weekend since we spent Fri evening/Saturday morning focusing on diapers and we have a baby shower for a student on Sunday. (Todd picked out the baby shower gift, and Sarah will wrap it up later today.) But we digress…back to prepping cloth diapers!

For our first big diaper prepping night, we decided to head to the local laundromat instead of the free washers available to us just for the time convenience. We separated the diapers and baby clothes into two piles: 1 wash and 5 wash. In the 1 wash pile, we put all our microfiber inserts, 24 Sunbaby 4.0 pocket diapers, about 10 Green Bees/Alva pockets and covers, and a bundle of new baby clothes (which should be washed before first wearing).  In the 5 wash pile, we put all our natural fiber diapers and accessories, including our 12 hemp prefolds, numerous hemp diaper wipes in two sizes, 1 Bagshot Row Bamboo diaper (the rest of these were already prepped), 14 Sunbaby and GreenBees/Alva bamboo inserts, and 5 organic unbleached cotton Cloth-eez workhorse fitted diapers.

We washed the 1 wash load with 1 tbs of Dawn on hot water for a single cycle, then dried on high heat to seal the PUL. In the future, we will only tumble dry low. I double checked all the diapers and it appears the washers/dryers didn’t harm the diaper at all during the prepping process. The diapers are fluffy and soft. The clothes didn’t bleed even though we stuck brights reds and blues in with white onesies on a hot wash…I expected some bleeding, but was excited to see none! The clothes did shrink a little, which is to be expected.

We washed the 5 wash load with and without Dawn on hot water. For cycles 1 and 2, we added 1 tbs of Dawn. Cycle 3, we used no Dawn (just a hot wash). Cycle 4 we went back to Dawn and Cycle 5 we just ran a hot wash (no Dawn). We then dried them on medium tumble for 16 minutes. They were ever so slightly damp when we took them out. The 1 wash load was completely dry, but not the natural fiber diapers, so we hung them up on the over-the-door diaper drying rack and the edge of the crib when we got home.

Left them there overnight and this morning, they are completely dry and soft to the touch. Did an absorption check on the natural fiber diapers and they are doing excellent. The water absorbed quickly and did not roll off. That means the natural fiber oils were washed away in the wash process. The natural fiber diapers won’t reach their full absorbency until about 10 washes, but they are good enough for now!